OnePierce Aids Mission-Driven Organizations to Advance Behavioral Health Equity

Our Team

A core team of innovative, data-driven, collaborative leaders drive our mission. They focus their efforts on listening to and supporting the needs of this community.



Our Team

  • Kimberley Bjorn

    CCN Clinical Director of Integration & Transformation

  • Consuelo Bennett

    Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Jonathan Castle

    Data Analyst

  • Franziska Delaney

    CCN Program Specialist

  • Riley Egge

    Website Administrator

  • Heather Figueroa

    Health Homes Program Manager

  • Nancy Gelleman

    Finance Director

  • Kabir Jeddy


  • Kimberly Johnson

    Human Resources Program Manager

  • Sally Kim

    Program Manager of Pathways

  • Catherine Lackey

    CCN Referral Specialist

  • Howard Lakougna

    IT Program Manager

  • John Levi

    Community & Diversity Manager

  • Richelle MacKersie

    Improvement Advisor

  • Hanna McCauley

    Marketing and Communications Coordinator

  • Aaron de Montmorency

    Technology and Security Manager

  • Carolynn Nofsinger

    CCN Operations Manager

  • Angela Parisotto

    Contract Analyst

  • Miles Poole

    IT System Administrator

  • Tina Quevedo

    Billing Specialist

  • Melissa Ragghianti

    Director of Administration

  • Stacie Schulte

    Administrator Assistant

  • Angelica Smith

    Health Homes Coordinator

  • Brenden Snider

    Finance Administrator

  • Veronica Summers

    Accounting Specialist

  • Laureen Tomich

    CCN Manager of Clinical Integration & Transformation

  • Michelle van Wandelen

    Program Manager, Contracts and Grants

  • Robert Marshall Wells

    Director of Marketing and Communications

We are committed to transforming our health systems and believe better health is the cornerstone of community and economic vitality.

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