Elevate Health Job Opening for Senior Director of Finance & Operations

Aaron de Montmorency

Director of IT, Security, and Compliance


Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, I weathered a turbulent childhood marked by homelessness and poverty. Joining the Army at a crucial juncture, I embraced the role of a 31F, delving into a spectrum of tasks from network operations to satellite communications. Military life brought not only challenges but also valuable experiences, with deployments to Iraq underscoring the importance of family and prompting my transition to civilian life. In the civilian sector, I navigated the intricate landscapes of both public and private sectors, contributing to the FBI and working directly for Paul Allen, Microsoft's co-founder. These experiences shaped my approach to technology and strategic thinking. Post-Army, the stark reality of healthcare costs fueled a professional mission – to leverage technology for healthcare affordability. This commitment, born from personal struggles, has been the driving force in my career. Today, I am a husband to my beautiful wife Tiffany, and father to 3 amazing kids. On Christmas day in 2020, we added a new addition to our family, a pure bread Shih Tzu named Copper who was born on Halloween. I am a big gamer, and if I am not doing something with the family or friends, I am playing a video game.

Do You Have Any Pets?

See picture.

  • Aaron Pet
When and Why Did You Join Elevate Health?

In September 2021, I embarked on a new chapter by joining Elevate Health, drawn to its compelling mission and vision. At the heart of my role as the Director of IT, Security, and Compliance is a relentless commitment to reducing the burden of healthcare costs through innovative technological solutions. In this pivotal position, I lead the charge in leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare delivery. My responsibilities span a spectrum of critical domains, including information technology, where I orchestrate the seamless integration of systems to enhance operational efficiency. Simultaneously, my focus on security ensures that Elevate Health operates within the highest standards of data protection and confidentiality. As the steward of compliance, I navigate the intricate landscape of regulations, aligning Elevate Health's practices with the ever-evolving healthcare industry requirements. This multifaceted role allows me to contribute directly to the core of Elevate Health's mission – making healthcare more accessible for all. The vision that began as a personal challenge has now evolved into a tangible reality through the strategic application of technology. At Elevate Health, I am not just the Director of IT, Security, and Compliance; I am a driving force behind the integration of innovation and compassion, working towards a healthcare future that is not only advanced but inclusive and affordable for everyone.

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do in Pierce County?

My favorite things to do is go to a show at the Tacoma Comedy Club, take a drive to Mt. Rainier, or watch the Tacoma Rainers.

What is Your Favorite Restaurant in Pierce County?

My favorite restaurant is Little India Express in Freighthouse Square.

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