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Elevate Health

The future of health care is locally-controlled, accessible, and outcome-focused

Our health systems have failed our communities. Services, priorities and resources are misaligned, aren’t centered on the needs of the individual or the community and are rooted in a pay-for-service model. Together, we can disrupt the current inequitable approach to care and provide our entire community with whole-person health through a value-based model.

We work with our partners to develop and implement tailored solutions in order to transform our health systems and create vital, healthy communities.

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Health Begins at the Community Level

Transformation is only possible when we take a collective and collaborative approach to health care design and deeply understand the community’s needs.

of health outcomes are driven by the social determinants of health.
of the people experiencing homelessness in Pierce County are people of color.
of Pierce County adults could not afford to see a doctor in the past year.
people in the United States do not obtain medical care due to transportation issues.

We consider the conditions in which people live, learn, and work.

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Funding Transformative Change

We invest in our community via the OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund to bridge health equity gaps.

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Our partners collaborate with us to build and sustain a healthy, vital community.

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Where everyone has a voice and each voice matters.

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