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Community Investment

OnePierce Community Investment Initiative

OnePierce is the investment initiative of Elevate Health that supports equitable whole-person health in the region.

By focusing investments in community priorities and creating opportunities for our region to implement sustainable solutions, we are able to bolster health and economic vitality.

We work to close the health gaps we identify through our work with community members, partners, data sources, and the Care Continuum Network. We accomplish this work through grants, community loans, and health innovation funds that address the social determinants of health.

OnePierce’s goals are inextricably linked to Elevate Health's mission to build and drive community coalitions that transform health systems and advance whole-person health for all.

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How It Works

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Our grants program accelerates the success of community-centered organizations as they look to improve the lives of Pierce County residents. Funding can be used for upstream projects to address issues around the social determinants of health, extend operations, or build capacity.

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Community Loans

OnePierce’s community loans blend funding sources from financial institutions and healthcare allies. Loans support local organizations as they expand programs and services, improve facilities, or access working capital. Just as grants stay in the community, repaid loans are redeployed back into it.

For organizations with a committed funding source not yet disbursed, we may offer bridge loans to fill the gap between funding award and actual payment.

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Health Innovation Funding

As an anchor strategy, OnePierce is a facilitative and collaborative resource for organizations that employ novel, effective, sustainable strategies to achieve whole-person health. We offer shared savings risk capital and social impact bonds—based on a pay for success model—that connect social good with financial bonuses or incentives.

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Strengthen Community Efforts to Achieve Equitable Health in Pierce County

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