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Elevate Health is, first and foremost, a government seeded and government regulated entity. Our sole purpose is to be stewards of health equity in our region and facilitate improvements for the social determinants of health. We are held to a higher standard and have a higher level of accountability as a result.

The greater the diversity of the data shared with the Community Data Trust, the more opportunities will arise for its members and stakeholders to improve the health of our communities. Elevate Health is taking a conservative, pragmatic approach with our partners to ensure the trust is a true community asset with the ability to support the use cases of its membership. All use cases will be decided upon by the Community’s Data Trust’s set governance, and will adhere to rules and regulations in place by state and federal authorities.

For instance, data may be used to create risk-scores for the identification, stratification, and management of high-risk individuals, central to improving quality and cost outcomes for healthcare organizations. Other use cases may include leverage data in order to invest in community needs that encourage more positive living conditions and health outcomes – such as increased transportation infrastructure, increasing WiFi access for neighborhoods with low access, or making lasting investments in early learning opportunities for a larger number of children.

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