Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

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The CCN serves as a bridge to all these services. When individuals work with staff in the CCN, they receive help, counseling and referrals designed to address their barriers to health. Commonly these barriers stem from: healthcare access and quality, education, social and community context, economic stability, and neighborhood and built environment.

In this process, network personnel may connect individuals to social services organizations that provide essentials such as food and housing, to healthcare organizations that address chronic health conditions, and to counseling centers or therapists that can help meet needs related to behavioral and mental health.

In addition to helping individuals navigate a complex network of services, the CCN team also helps our organizational partners by identifying and creating resource networks, supporting program quality, developing data strategies and ensuring best practices. Taken together, these services make the local care ecosystem more efficient, equitable and cost-effective.

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