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Accountable Communities of Health: Transforming Health Care Delivery

This episode dives into the meaning and impact of Accountable Communities of Health. Tune in to hear Jodi Castle, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Chief Operating Officer describe Elevate Health's role serving the Pierce County Community.


Radical Transformation with host Robert Marshall Wells


Robert Marshall Wells
Elevate Health Director of Marketing and Communications


Jodi Castle
Elevate Health Chief Operating Officer and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

It’s no secret.

Health care in the U.S. is generally complex, confusing and expensive. Enter Accountable Communities of Health, aka “ACHs.”

These community-based organizations, which operate in more than two dozen states, seek to transform health care delivery by: focusing on individuals, ensuring health equity, reducing costs, and improving health outcomes for entire communities. Jodi Castle, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and COO of Elevate Health of Pierce County, Washington, offers a tutorial on ACHs and the contributions they make to the areas they serve.

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