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A Dangerous Cycle: Substance Use and Intimate Partner Violence

The use of opioids, particularly among survivors and abusers in intimate partner violence (IPV) relationships, is prevalent. These situations create unique risks for recovery.


Community Care Conversations with host Kim Bjorn


Kim Bjorn
Clinical Director of Integration and Transformation, Care Continuum Network


Abi McLane
Assistant Director of the Crystal Judson Family Foundation
Robert Hamilton
Substance Use Disorder Program Manager for MultiCare

In this Elevate Health Community Care Conversation, guests Abi McLane, Assistant Director of the Crystal Judson Family Foundation, and Robert Hamilton, Manager of Multicare’s Substance Use Disorder Program in Pierce County, discuss the complex topics of awareness, prevention, and support for those suffering emotional, physical, and verbal abuse in domestic partnerships in which substance use is an issue.

During the podcast, McLane explains that friends and family members who want to help their loved ones need to approach such situations with sensitivity and open minds.

Tune in to learn more about identifying and overcoming the stigma and shame associated with intimate partner violence and substance use.


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