Holding Grace for Those With SUD

Washington State Health Care Authority Funds Pierce County Health Transformation Plan

By Alisha Fehrenbacher

The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) announced our project plan for the Healthier Washington Medicaid Transformation Delivery System Reform met or exceeded the criteria for all sub-sections and projects, receiving 100 percent of total possible points. The HCA made its final determination following an independent assessment.

“We are so proud of this monumental achievement,” said Elevate Health Chief Executive Officer Alisha Fehrenbacher. “This means that we will receive 100 percent of the project funds for our region.” Distribution of project funds is based on hitting key benchmarks for the plan.

Fehrenbacher says that the credit goes to the many stakeholders who helped craft the plan to transform health care for the residents of Pierce County.

“We appreciate the leadership and guidance provided by our many partners, including from the health care sector and community. We look forward to working together through the next phase of this important work.”

Elevate Health is one of nine accountable communities of health in Washington working with community advocates and leaders from multiple health sectors to improve health and health equity, especially in under served communities. Each region, through its ACH, is developing projects to increase capacity, redesign care delivery, enhance prevention, and promote the use of models that reward providers for quality of care.

To view the plan, go to please visit the HCA website.

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