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Provider Integration Panel Takes Hiatus Before Taking On Community-Wide Transformation Work

By Elevate Health

Since 2017 Elevate Health has convened the monthly Provider Integration Panel (PIP) meeting. Today the co-chairs and Elevate Health decided the PIP will pause monthly meetings in 2020.

Since 2017, Elevate Health convened the monthly Provider Integration Panel (PIP) meeting in Pierce County. Earlier this month, co-chairs and Elevate Health decided the PIP will pause its monthly meetings in 2020. A smaller work group formed to design strategy and priorities for the next phase of provider participation.

On Tuesday, January 14th, we held our last meeting of 2020 for members of the PIP before its hiatus commenced. At this meeting we celebrated the work and dedication of the PIP to date and hosted a discussion about this transition. During this meeting we also elicited ideas for the next iteration of the PIP and celebrate the tremendous contributions from PIP members to make strides in health outcomes in our community. It was agreed upon that a smaller work group would formed to support provider re-engagement and revisiting the PIP charter for community-wide transformation work. The group decided to reconvene at the beginning of Q2 2020.

The PIP has been instrumental in standing up the work of the Medicaid Transformation Waiver in Pierce County. Among its successes, the PIP has authored the rules of engagement and the overarching framework for how we designed our clinical action plans, and in how we ultimately funded partnerships. As the we take this moment of pause, Elevate Health will refocus on developing our internal program strategy and ensure the PIP is not duplicating work already in motion across different workgroups in our community.

Elevate Health is a leader in Washington State Healthcare Transformation due to the committed and focused leadership of our provider community. We are grateful for the contributions of the PIP members and acknowledge our work together will continue. Thank you again to our PIP team for their contributions and continued support.

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