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OnePierce Merges with Elevate Health

By Joe LeRoy

I’m writing to share exciting news. On behalf of the Elevate Health Board, I’m pleased to announce that OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund has formally merged with Elevate Health, the Accountable Community of Health (ACH) for Pierce County. Formerly a subsidiary of Elevate Health, OnePierce was founded in 2019 with seed money from Elevate Health to help address gaps in vital human conditions such as affordable housing, nutrition, education, pre‐ natal care and other such areas by funding projects aimed at improving long‐term outcomes.

This structural move, which was under consideration for several months, was approved unanimously on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023, during a joint meeting of the Elevate Health and OnePierce Boards of Directors. The unanimity of the decision is a recognition that operating as one organization instead of two separate entities will ultimately lead to better and more efficient use of resources. The merger will also eliminate administrative redundancies, yield greater economies of scale, and provide exciting new opportunities to serve Pierce County.

The work of OnePierce, particularly its loan program, will continue without interruption, and we will continue to honor and support all current commitments to partners. As the investment initiative of Elevate Health, OnePierce also will continue to provide grants, loans, and community innovation funds that support economic vitality and contribute to equitable and sustainable whole‐person health for the residents of Pierce County.

We also recognize and sincerely thank the outgoing members of the OnePierce Board of Directors: Lois Bernstein, Board President; Pablo Bravo, Board Treasurer; Allan Fisher, Board Member; and Steve O’Ban, Board Secretary, for their significant contributions of time, effort and expertise over the past four years.

More details about the technical operations of OnePierce will be announced in the coming weeks and months as we work through the steps associated with combining the two organizations.

However, rest assured that the goals of Elevate Health and OnePierce in this new configuration will remain the same: To support, encourage and catalyze improved access to health care, health equity and better health outcomes for all who live, work and play in Pierce County.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. Elevate Health and OnePierce look forward to continue serving and partnering with our communities for many years to come.

Joe Le Roy,
Board President Elevate Health

PDF version of Press Release

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