Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

Community Health Worker Training Launches for the Pathways Community HUB

By Elevate Health
We've launched an eight-week training course for community health workers (CHWs) who will participate in the Pathways Community HUB. The training is provided by the Foundation for Healthy Generations and Washington State Department of Health. The first week featured Dr. Sarah Redding, co-founder of the Pathways Community HUB model, and her training team. CHWs and their supervisors are continuing the training with a six-week practicum. The group will then meet for a week-long intensive follow up before beginning to work with individuals. Elevate Health is using the Pathways Community HUB Model to provide community-based, culturally competent, and person-centered care coordination for vulnerable, traditionally under-served Medicaid populations. This approach promotes care coordination across the continuum of health services, ensuring that people with complex health needs are connected to the interventions and services needed to improve and manage their health. Initially, the Pathways Community HUB will focus on at-risk pregnant women who are also Medicaid recipients. The program is expected to serve between 200-250 participants. Elevate Health will assist community partners with their information technology infrastructure and a solid referral framework to assure the success of this pilot. The plan is to expand and scale to include other priority populations once the pilot is a success.

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