Holding Grace for Those With SUD

Healthcare Providers

We work in partnership with healthcare providers to advance whole-person health, health equity, and community health.

We bring deep expertise in health equity, systems modeling, value-based payment structures, and policy.

We bring everyone to the table, connect the organizations that can bridge gaps in services, and link relevant data for partners. We also provide limited loans to smaller healthcare organizations to help with workforce development and operations and aim to expand medical education opportunities for people of color.

Our principal healthcare partners include health systems, care providers (physical, mental, dental, pediatric, adolescent), Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, Washington Health Care Authority, and managed care organizations.

Our support to healthcare partners includes:

  • Operations support such as training on conversion to electronic patient records

  • Care traffic control through the Care Continuum Network to make closed loop referrals, reduce emergency department use, and address social determinants of health

  • Training on substance use disorder services, behavioral health supports, motivational interviewing, domestic violence education, etc.

  • Workforce development including employee salary supplementation and training for community health workers

  • Partnership facilitation for funding opportunities

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We help our healthcare partners:

  • Improve how they care for patients by integrating bidirectional health practices into their work

  • Use value-based payment models, and redefine how they are compensated for their services

  • Practice secure data-sharing to ensure whole-person care

  • Coordinate wrap around services for people across every stage of life

  • Support innovative initiatives and pilots that are rooted in health systems transformation

  • Advance the quadruple aim

A woman and her daughter, wearing face-masks, talking to a doctor who is also wearing a face-mask.

We actively seek advocates for our services, partners, and funders.

By working together, we create a healthier, more equitable landscape for our community.
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