Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

Working Across Sectors to Transform Health

Clinical care makes up just 20% of a person’s overall health. Social determinants—the conditions in which people live, learn, and work across every stage of life—account for the other 80%.

We Focus on the Often Overlooked 80%

Economic Stability

The relationship between the financial resources people have—income, cost of living and socioeconomic status—and their health. Key indicators of Economic Stability include poverty, employment, food security and housing stability. Individuals who live with economic stability consistently experience better health outcomes.


The connection between education and a person's health and well-being. Key indicators of Education include language and literacy, high school graduation, higher education, and early childhood education and development. Individuals with higher levels of education consistently experience better health outcomes.

Social and Community Context

The link between the social contexts in which people live, learn, work, and play, and their health and well-being. Key indicators of Social and Community Context include cohesion within a community, civic participation, incarceration, discrimination and workplace conditions. Individuals with positive relationships within their network and in their community experience better health outcomes.

Healthcare Access and Quality

The relationship between people's access to and understanding of health services and their own health and well-being. Key indicators of Healthcare Access and Quality include access to primary care, dental care and behavioral care, health insurance coverage and health literacy. Individuals with greater healthcare access and higher-quality care experience better health outcomes.

Neighborhood and Built Environment

The connection between where a person lives—housing, neighborhood and environment—and their health and well-being. Key indicators of Neighborhood and Built Environment include access to transportation, quality of housing, availability of healthy foods, air and water quality and the rate of neighborhood crime and violence. Individuals who live in a safe neighborhood and environment experience better health outcomes.

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Keeping People Healthy is a Community Effort

Elevate Health connects public funding and private investments to community resources, healthcare providers, and local government—and these groups to one another.

We work together to achieve sustainable, transformative change across care delivery and improve health outcomes.


We listen to what our community needs—down to the individual. Our approach isn’t just to propose programs. Instead, we collaborate with our community partners to think through problems together and then customize the solutions that will best serve our community.

Advancing belonging, we create a neutral space where a diverse group can gather, all voices are heard and we create a common understanding of our shared concerns. As both listeners and doers we mobilize the community to achieve whole-person health and value-based care by introducing new approaches, models, and strategies.

Three women talking in a conference room.

Healthcare Providers

As an equal partner to healthcare providers, we work to advance whole-person health, and connect social and clinical services to address a range of SDoHs through care coordination.

We bring deep expertise in healthcare equity, systems modeling, value-based payment structures, and policy. Through the Community Data Trust we work together to identify gaps in healthcare and help providers deliver care that truly serves the demands of the community.

Healthcare Providers
A doctor talking to a patient


We blend resources from diverse sources, including philanthropy, private sector, public revenue, and high-net-worth individuals. We direct funds to further health equity in our county and broader geographies.

Government bodies may leverage the OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund as a vehicle to administer government funds, bridge funding in relation to government loans and grants, and co-fund loans. We direct these resources to further health equity in our region.

Three women having a conversation in from of a conference room window.

By focusing first on patient-centered care, we drive systemic change and better outcomes

Our Solutions

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