Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

Listen to national and local health authorities discuss leading-edge health system ideas and policies. Learn how these big ideas can directly affect your day-to-day health.

Social Workers: Connecting the Community

This episode explores how social workers improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities for all communities.

March is National Social Work Month. With that in mind, Elevate Health’s Clinical Director of Integration and Transformation Kim Bjorn, herself a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, helps explain the many roles and responsibilities of social workers in today’s society.

We are a body of individuals who are well-trained. We look at systems in our environment, how they link together and how we support an individual in that environment. – Kim Bjorn

Tune in now and learn more at the resources below:

National Association of Social Workers

Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work


Radical Transformation


Robert Marshall Wells
Director of Marketing and Communications -


Kimberley Bjorn
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