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OnePierce Funding Accelerates Success of Brotherhood RISE

By Hanna McCauley

Brotherhood RISE, a local nonprofit organization in Tacoma, was awarded a bridge loan of $105,000 from OnePierce on April 1, 2021.

OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund is the investment arm of Elevate Health. It is a nonprofit community asset that supports equitable, whole-person health in the region. Funding from OnePierce is used to accelerate the success of community-centered organizations that improve the lives of Pierce County Residents, such as Brotherhood RISE.

The bridge loan with Brotherhood RISE is focused on community outreach and has allowed their organization to start projects on time, including their work with encampments and shelters, connecting individuals experiencing homelessness back to their housing programs. Their mission is to restore lives through faith, community support and connecting members with the right programs and partners to help their needs.

Gerald Daniels, Brotherhood RISE Executive Director, said "Because of the bridge loan from OnePierce, we have been able to expand our outreach by 15%. Since our partnership began in April, we now support 102 more people."

Brotherhood RISE is uniquely positioned to support the community through 8 internal and 8 external partnerships. Every partner organization works cohesively as one staff and provides a wide variety of services, including substance abuse, mental health, housing, creative education, driving courses and prison re-entry.

"We were able to fulfill the requirements of our feeding program because of the OnePierce bridge loan," said Gerald Daniels. "It enabled us to start work on time and be on schedule."

With their housing-first model, Brotherhood RISE prioritizes providing stable housing to allow individuals experiencing homelessness. Their goal is to help people build their lives and find a path to a better future. The bridge loan will be in effect until September 2022, allowing Brotherhood RISE to continue expanding their outreach efforts and supporting the community.

Note: This article predates the September 2023 merger between Elevate Health and OnePierce, and as a result of the merger, some content may no longer be accurate. For more information on the merger, click here. Please contact Elevate Health with any questions.

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