Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

This series brings together community leaders and health experts to tackle the health issues affecting our communities and provides resources to improve your health and the health of your family.

Behavioral Health: A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Human Health Needs

Across the U.S., communities large and small are suffering from crisis levels of mental health and substance abuse issues.

In this Community Care Conversation podcast, host Kim Bjorn interviews local government officials Heather Moss and Richard Van Cleave about efforts to compassionately, but effectively, address behavioral health problems in Pierce County, Washington.

Find more information about Pierce County Behavioral Health Services here.

Elevate Health Podcast, sponsored by Elevate Health and its subsidiary OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund, can be accessed at, or on Spotify, Google Music, Audible, Amazon Music, IHeart Music, or other major listening platforms.


Community Care Conversations


Kimberley Bjorn


Heather Moss
Director - Pierce County Human Services
Board Vice Chair & Officer - Elevate Health Board of Directors
Richard Van Cleave
Behavioral Health Manager - Pierce County
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