Trauma-Informed Approaches and Motivational Interviewing

Only 20% of your health is determined by your medical care while 80% is determined by outside factors called social determinants of health. Learn how these factors affect your health, and the health of your family and your community. Stay tuned for Elevate Health Podcast’s 80/20 Project series, coming soon to all listening platforms.

An Affordable Housing Crisis

Like many other communities across the nation, Pierce County, Washington, is caught in a housing dilemma: A booming population, too little housing, and dramatically rising costs. In this 80/20 episode, Bryan Schmid, Pierce County’s Affordable Housing Supervisor, describes why shelter is essential to any community’s health and explains the strategies underway to address the problem.


The 80/20 Project


Robert Marshall Wells
Director of Marketing and Communications -


Bryan Schmid
Affordable Housing Supervisor - Pierce County, Washington
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