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$20,000 Contribution from Amerigroup Washington Supports OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund

By Alisha Fehrenbacher, FACHE

Elevate Health recently received a $20,000 contribution from Amerigroup Washington, an Apple Health Medicaid provider. The money is designated for the OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund, a concentrated endeavor to strengthen local communities through targeted investments to address social conditions that often have a detrimental effect on a person’s health.

“We believe that better health is the cornerstone of community and economic vitality,” said Elevate Health Chief Executive Officer Alisha Fehrenbacher.

Elevate Health is a local, collaborative effort to implement health system changes. Elevate Health engages with community volunteers and partners to advance health innovation and transformation that will improve overall population health and close the gap on health inequities.

OnePierce is an important building block in the transform of health care. The fund, overseen by the Elevate Health Waivers and Investment Committee, utilizes private donations, along with state and federal funds, to make long-term investments that impact social conditions such as employment, housing, transportation and education.

“Our goal is to explicitly address the systematic causes of health care disparities,” says Fehrenbacher. “With the help of partners such as Amerigroup Washington, we look forward to improving health care access and reducing disparities for all residents in Pierce County.”

Note: This article predates the September 2023 merger between Elevate Health and OnePierce, and as a result of the merger, some content may no longer be accurate. For more information on the merger, click here. Please contact Elevate Health with any questions.

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