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Elevate Health: More Than an ACH

Elevate Health began in May of 2016 as Pierce County Accountable Communities of Health (PCACH). With integrated resources, our innovations and transformational solutions have the ability to scale and spread so community health is sustainable.

What is an ACH?

Introduced by the Accountable Care Act, an Accountable Communities of Health organization (ACH) is a structured, cross-sectoral alliance of healthcare, public health, and other organizations that work to improve population health and health equity for all residents in a geographic area. In focusing on whole-person health, ACHs make the health care system more responsive and equitable. An ACH is a neutral party that can add value in ways other organizations cannot. Our work is organized around the core principle that healthy people and communities are better able to achieve their full potential, and that better health for all is the cornerstone of community vitality.

Elevating the ACH Model

In 2019, we expanded our role and capacity to serve the region long-term. This commitment is best exemplified by not only the scope of our mission but by the establishment of OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund (OnePierce). A renewable community asset, OnePierce is one of Elevate Health’s key differentiators from the traditional ACH model, and it’s a significant component of our sustainability strategy so we can continue to serve our region

To operate long-term, Elevate Health is leveraging three major components of its business: the Care Continuum Network, OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund (noted above), and its Innovations and Master Services division. The latter of which includes strategic improvements and a shared Community Data Trust to serve the community. Through this work, Elevate Health has created public-private partnerships, affected policy change, engaged in workforce development, and supported value-based contracting with social service organizations and care providers in the region.

Within these three operational arms, Elevate Health is creating scalable, income generating models that will allow the organization to flourish while supporting and strengthening the community.

In the future Elevate Health will, at times, operate like an independent practice association to share in the care of our community, offering services to providers, independent care delivery organizations, and community organizations.

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