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Elevate Health Pathways Program

Elevate Health's Pathways Program is a care coordination program based on the Pathways Community Hub Model, developed by Drs. Sarah and Mark Redding at the Pathways Community Hub Institute in Ohio. Their model is based on more than 20 years of evidence gathered through collaboration with community health workers (CHWs).

Adapted by Elevate Health to help Pierce County residents, Elevate Health's Pathways Program trains CHWs to help people navigate health and social service systems. Together, the two select and follow customizable plans of action (called pathways) to eliminate the individual’s barriers to health care.

Elevate Health’s Pathways Program is the first and only PCHI certified program of its kind in Washington. It is also one of our central care coordination services. It shares that distinction with two other programs, the Community Health Action Team and Health Homes. Together, the three services form Elevate Health’s Care Continuum Network.

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