Holding Grace for Those With SUD

Introducing Community Care Conversations

By Kimberley Bjorn

Community Care Conversations

Elevate Health’s vision is that every person in every community we serve lives a full, healthy, and vibrant life.

Community Care Conversations is a series that brings together experts to tackle health issues affecting our community. Issues that often hamper a person’s health and wellbeing. Topics are wide ranging and include:

  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Substance Use
  • Advanced Directives
  • Childhood Behavioral Health
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Understanding End of Life Care
  • Senior Behavioral Health
  • Aging in Place


We are excited to announce that our series is now part of the new Elevate Health Podcast.

YouTube Channel:

You can also find all of our past Community Care Conversations video interviews on our YouTube channel.

Community Care Conversations is a service to the residents of Pierce County and we appreciate your input. Please send ideas and questions about this series to marcom@elevatehealth.org.

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