Pierce County ACH Rebrands as Elevate Health

August 20, 2019

As part of our continued evolution, we are excited to share that we have changed our name to Elevate Health!

Just as when we started as Pierce County Accountable Community of Health (PCACH), our strategies continue to focus on regional priorities for improving community health. With blended and braided resources, our innovations and transformational solutions have the ability to scale and spread so community health is sustainable.

Our new logo symbolizes collaboration and upward movement, reflecting how we are always seeking improved health and community vitality. We promote aligned strategies by fostering strong relationships with our communities, convening partners across sectors (clinical, community-based, public, private stakeholders), and using data and analytics to inform rapid cycle strategic improvement. We aim to lower costs, increase value, and improve experiences of care and care delivery. Our name change emphasizes our focus on elevating health, improving outcomes and access, reducing barriers to care, and striving for a healthy and vibrant community.

Our goal is to elevate community health for all by facilitating sustainable innovation, convening resources, and building long-lasting, effective systems to improve whole-person health for the Pierce County region and beyond.

Learn more about our sustainable strategies for equitable community health