Advancing Health for All

Improving community health means building support for the whole person, for every person. We promote equity by addressing social factors that impact individual and regional vitality. Community-clinical linkages are crucial to elevating health across the region.

Social Determinants of Health


Clinical care makes up just 20 percent of a person’s overall health. The other 80 percent is connected to social determinants — the conditions in which people live, learn, work and play across all life stages. We connect health providers, community-based services, social services and public health efforts to address these factors and provide care for the whole person at all life stages. Some of the key social determinants are shown below.

Economic Stability

Employment, Food Insecurity, Housing Instability, Poverty


Early Childhood Education and Development, Enrollment in Higher Education, High School Graduation, Language and Literacy.

Social and Community Context

Civic Participation, Discrimination, Incarceration, Social Cohesion

Health and Health Care

Access to Health Care, Access to Primary Care, Health Literacy

Neighborhood and Built Environment

Access to Foods that Support Healthy Eating Patterns, Crime and Violence, Environmental Conditions, Quality of Housing

Community Resources

Care Continuum Network

Our Care Continuum Network serves as a centralized referral center in collaboration with cross-sector partners, managed care organizations, and other payers to coordinate services, across life stages, ensuring social and healthcare needs are addressed for whole-person health. By collaborating to share strengths and address challenges, we eliminate duplication and remove barriers across the spectrum of care and services.

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