Foundations for Sustainable Strategies

We seek to ensure that everyone in our diverse community has easy access to quality, whole-person care that improves physical, mental and social well-being, while decreasing disparities and improving value of care delivery. Together with our clinical and community partners, we are transforming the health care delivery system by focusing on building capacity in our health systems, increasing access to preventative services, promoting health and well-being for all residents and changing the way we fund health care.

Quadruple Aim


Our strategy is built on the Quadruple Aim, which expands The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim to add improved care delivery experiences to the goals of better health, better quality of care, and better value. Strengthening provider networks and relationships with those receiving care are essential to improving health systems.

Better Health

Better Care

Better Value

Better Experiences

We convene partners and guide efforts to achieve the Quadruple Aim of better health, better quality of care, better value, and better care delivery experiences.


—Elevate Health CEO Alisha Fehrenbacher


Elevating Health as a Population

We are changing how we improve health by moving toward whole-person care — including integrating physical and behavioral health, and coordinating care for patients with high-risk and complex health needs like pregnancy, or chronic disease. We facilitate community-clinical linkages to address the barriers to care and social determinants that keep our most vulnerable from the resources they need to thrive.


Improving Quality and Accessibility of Whole-Person Care

We use data analytics & evaluation to prioritize regional health care needs and support development of solutions with more effective and timely interventions with high-quality standards.


Better Value for All

We promote increasing efficiencies and rewarding providers and partners for helping people be healthy. We see value-based care as critical to sustaining community health strategies. We convene Managed Care Organizations and other partners to build opportunities that support the transition toward value-based models.


Improving Support for Providers & Clinicians

We value and support the network of providers and clinicians in our region by creating a platform to share successes and strategizing to address challenges. We drive solutions that support providers and prevent burnout, while building a sustainable workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our community. We help providers access tools to streamline processes and improve the patient-provider relationship.