Community Health

All our work acts in cooperation to strengthen and improve whole-person health for the community. From hearing the communities voices, to convening partners, and using data-driven transformation strategy – we are working together towards the vision of sustainable, equitable health for all.

Transforming Health Care


 As we shift the focus from volume to value, we can improve health by ensuring appropriate access to care, improved quality of care, increased connections to social services, enhanced supports for a sustained workforce.

Our Goals

Whole-Person Health

Convene partners and resources across different sectors to improve the health and wellness of the whole person.

System Transformation

Support local and statewide initiatives, including healthcare transformation from volume-based to value-based care.

Equitable Community Health

Promote health equity by identifying and responding to the unique health care needs of our communities.

Our Solutions


We innovate health care delivery by incentivizing change and creating space for sharing and building strategies as a region. We elevate all voices, ensuring all partners have a seat at the table, and work as a community to prioritize and address the unique challenges we face. Together, we continuously improve our strategies through data analytics and evaluation.

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Care Continuum Network

Our Care Continuum Network connects vulnerable and under-served populations to services and resources for whole-person health advocacy. We convene organizations from the community to identify and prioritize individual needs. By collaborating to share strengths and address challenges, we eliminate duplication and remove barriers across the spectrum of care and services.

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OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund

We build on existing support for strengthening whole-person health by convening partners to invest in Pierce County. We advance community priorities and fill gaps within our current health systems, identified through our work with community partners, data analytics, and care management. By building a resource for change, we create opportunities for our region to implement sustainable innovations.

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More than an Accountable Community of Health


Elevate Health serves our community by connecting public funding and private investments to community resources for sustainable, transformative improvements across care delivery and health outcomes. While we started as an Accountable Community of Health and continue to serve in that capacity for the Pierce County region, we reach far beyond those boundaries. We strive to sustain our strategies with braided funding and support, to build long-lasting, effective health and wellness across life stages.