Richelle MacKersie

Program Manager, Policy and Innovation

Richelle MacKersie

“Success takes action. It takes risk, fails and fumbles. It takes constant face-to-face stand offs with fear and getting up over and over after being knocked down to try again.”

-Tash Haynes, Tacoma-based Photographer and Inspiration

Richelle is the Program Manager for Policy and Innovation at Elevate Health. She is responsible for bringing Elevate Health to the forefront of legislative matters. She firmly understands the role of Elevate Health, its model and goals, and what needs to happen for its work to be implemented and impact to reach the community. True innovation requires thinking outside the box to transform our outdated systems into the modern, efficient and high quality systems we need to support our advancing population and economy.

Prior to Elevate Health, Richelle worked for the Washington State Legislature, giving her expertise in the legislative world and its processes. Each of the three legislative offices she worked in maintained a different focus, but were service oriented nonetheless. While there, Richelle ensured constituents that they had access to their legislative representative and were being heard. The offices she worked in maintained a consistent reputations for being interactive and responsive – one of the many reasons Richelle offers so much to the team at Elevate Health.

When Richelle isn’t working, she prefers to be anywhere in the world – holding a true love of travel and deep passion to learn about other nations – their cultures, histories, governmental structures, and how it all works together. Travel gives her great insight and a strong sense of gratitude.