Reyneth Reyes Morales

Partner, Community Strategies

Reyneth Reyes Morales

We must lead the way for those who don’t have a voice in our community. We’re here to make a difference for the residents of Pierce County — that’s our legacy.

Reyneth is the Partner in Community Strategies for Elevate Health. It’s hard to keep up with Rey as his vibrant energy has him traveling the world, enjoying various cultures and sights. His passion for travel grounds him in the work we do in Elevate Health, showing that we do more than just deliver new programs.

Reyneth is the heartbeat of the ACH Care Continuum Network. His work ethic is always vibrant! You can find his colleagues “stepping-up” to his energy. With his keen eyes and flawless attention to detail, we entrust Reyneth to be the gatekeeper of all data flow coming in and out of our HUB. He uses this platform to find gaps in care coordination in our community so that organizations may be provided the opportunity to thrive in a way never seen before. He IS the lead air-traffic controller.

In the past 9 years, Reyneth has served in a variety of roles providing case management services for underrepresented minorities, those hurting in the judicial system, the LGBTQ community, and the Hispanic/Latinx populations. Using his experiences, he speaks to organizations about our Pathways model and transformation work. Reyneth understands that one’s health does not stop at the physical. It transcends into all things whole – health in mind, body, soul, and spirit. No one understands this more than Reyneth.

Reyneth infuses our organization with spirit, while also adding value in every aspect of his work, ensuring his dedication impacts those who do not have a voice everywhere in Pierce County. He knows how to showcase the work of our entire team and what we are trying to accomplish – because he himself found his voice doing this work.