Franziska Delaney

Administrative Assistant

Franziska Delaney

Impossible is for the unwilling. – John Keats

Franziska excels at jumping into any challenge without fear of failure. To her, failure is an opportunity for improvement.

Franziska serves as the Administrative Assistant at Elevate Health, where she is called on to organize many materials and activities for the team, including helping to complete projects, reports and special assignments all while arranging staff travel and training, generating activity schedules and scheduling events in facility. Her overall goal is to keep the team and its processes running smoothly, helping wherever needed.

 Before joining Elevate Health, she held an internship as an Administrative Assistant that turned into the role of the Office Manager at a federal contractor within a short span of time. While there she had the chance to work with a lot of different people across the organization – from the controller to the project managers – and gained experience and broad understanding of the business operations as a result.

When Franziska is not busy pursuing her college degree she can often be found chasing her 2-year-old or dog around. She also likes to be creative, and can be found applying her imagination to a variety of projects, such as sewing or baking.