Courtney Schwartz

Senior Director of Finance & Business Strategy

Courtney Schwartz

My work at Elevate Health is to help build a structurally sound business, and create a work environment where employees are empowered to collaborate with one another. I’m dedicated to creating a place where employees can thrive and feed their entrepreneurial mindset by shaking up the norm with innovative ideas to build sustainable business models. We need to invest in our community and the individuals that support our work. Without them, Elevate Health would not be able to transcend the current health system and better our community.

Courtney serves as the Senior Director of Finance and Operations, responsible for maintaining the day-to-day accounting functions, complex operations and human resources of the organization. Most recently, she spent five years in public accounting, conducting financial statements and employee benefit plan audits. Her current role benefits from the time spent in that sector as she can apply her operational experience, diverse knowledge of policies and procedures, ability to simultaneously work with different people and accounts, and continue to focus on the nitty-gritty details without losing sight of the long-term goal.

Courtney enjoys spending time with her family — building houses with her mom, traveling around the world to learn about diverse cultures, and enjoying the outdoors with her dad in the mountains. For the last year and a half, she has served as the associate board treasurer of Jubilee Women’s Center. Her strong sense of family and care for the community has a binding effect on the intricate functions of each staff member of Elevate Health.

Courtney works closely with the Care Continuum Network team and drives many of the administrative details needed for our success.