Angie Treptow

Care Continuum Network Operations Manager

Angie Treptow

My goal at Elevate Health isn’t just to be great at what I do, it’s to make sure that others benefit from the great things we are doing together for the residents of Pierce County, and to spread and share our innovative approach to healthcare transformation.

Angie the Operations Manager for Elevate Health’s Care Continuum Network. She brings a vast knowledge of revenue cycle management, electronic health records, training and working with others to improve patient data through a combined clinical and non-clinical approach.  Her ability to not only hear but also listen to the heart of a concern and work toward a united solution guides her in all she does.

Angie coordinates the Learning Community, allowing partners and state entities to grow, learn and support each other in transforming healthcare. She’s also a student partner with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, bringing the knowledge gained from IHI to inform her work with the Learning Community.

Angie is constantly willing to collaborate with everyone she encounters, and her quiet way of leading through inspiration is contagious in our offices. She brings a sense of comfort to our team by showing that the journey Elevate Health is on will be difficult but not impossible.

Angie loves spending time with her family and following her son’s Friday Night Lights, as well as enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and camping. Her strong sense of family is what helps unify the collaborative approach at Elevate Health.