Alisha Fehrenbacher, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Health, President & Chief Executive Officer of OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund

Alisha Fehrenbacher, FACHE

Our shared community health efforts will elevate and sustain transformation in our region and beyond. Status quo is not an option. To achieve health for all, we must disrupt and innovate. We have an amazing opportunity to build and implement innovative, sustainable improvements informed by data, to achieve health and economic vitality in our communities.

Alisha is an advocate for whole-person health for all, and a proven leader in transforming broken and siloed health systems. She’s spent most of her career passionately working to innovate and advance the well-being of our fellow neighbors by creating unprecedented health improvement strategies.

As the founding Chief Executive Officer for Elevate Health, Alisha leads the way for the Quadruple Aim of better health, better care, lower costs, and improved provider experience. She is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the OnePierce Community Resiliency Fund. She serves on the Pierce County Integration Oversight Board which allowed our community to begin transformative, whole person care efforts in January of 2019 — a full year ahead of the state-mandated deadline. Alisha is designated as a Fellow for the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), and also serves on the Statewide Workforce Council, which seeks to shape and sustain a viable healthcare workforce.

Alisha has been dedicated to health care reform and is experienced in community activation and collaboration. She supported initial development of Washington’s Accountable Communities of Health during her time as Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President of Health Systems at Empire Health Foundation. Prior to that, she worked extensively to improve health and care delivery by launching a nonprofit health collaborative. Alisha obtained legislative approval to develop and launch a community-based health plan. She also initiated a community-based care coordination system and served as a key thought leader in the development of the Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon. Subsequently, Alisha led strategy, community benefit activities, and population health initiatives for St. Charles Health System supporting the development of value-based care delivery.

The passionate and adventurous spirit that Alisha brings into the office extends to her love of her family and the outdoors. When she is not volunteering, working at the office, or in a professional development/learning space, Alisha can often be found spending time with her husband and children, and savoring the vast year-around activities of the splendid Northwest.