Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of Elevate Health?

We aim to promote health equity by:

  • Supporting whole-person health for all
  • Convening community partners across sectors
  • Facilitating care management for at-risk populations
  • Building value-based care models

What population does Elevate Health serve?

Everyone who lives in Pierce County, as well as those providing health care or human services in our region. Our vision is improved overall health for the community. We do this by moving toward whole-person care — including integrating physical and behavioral health, addressing social determinants of health, and breaking down barriers to care.

How did Elevate Health get started?

Initially, Elevate Health was founded as one of nine Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) in Washington State. The Washington State Health Care Authority has charged each ACH with the work of improving healthcare delivery for Medicaid patients in their region. We know the principles we promote to improve quality of life and access to care will serve everyone in Pierce County and beyond, regardless of insurance provider.

How can Elevate Health help me?

Our model brings everyone together to improve community health—there are many ways to receive support and elevate your voice. Contact us to learn more!