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Pathways 101 Session with Sarah Redding, MD, MPH, Co-Developer of the Pathways Model

By Elevate Health

Pathways 101 Session with Sarah Redding, MD, MPH, Co-Developer of the Pathways Model

We engaged in an interactive Pathways 101 session with Sarah Redding, MD, Founder of the Pathways Model of Care Coordination Sustainability and Director of the Pathways Community Hub Institute (PCHI). Sarah Redding, MD, MPH, co-developed the Pathways Model with her husband, Mark Redding, MD, in 2001 and successive work led to the Pathways Community HUB Model.

Dr. Redding’s leadership in developing and refining payment-for-outcomes tools and services that successfully identify, treat and track those at risk is unparalleled in the community health industry and focuses on whole person health integrating the social determinants of health. Dr. Sarah Redding has been actively involved with Community Health Workers (CHWs) for more than 20 years prior to founding CCS in 2012. She has been involved with the training of over 500 community health workers in Ohio through a program she developed with North Central State College in Ohio. The program was the first to be recognized in Ohio as a certified training center under the Ohio Board of Nursing. In addition, Dr. Redding helped establish the Community Health Access Project (CHAP), a non-profit organization in Ohio focused on community care coordination to address health disparities that has seen significant success in a variety of health concerns.

During the session, Dr. Redding shared her experience on how a community can successfully achieve the benefits of a Pathways Community HUB Model based on the needs and requirements within their own community.

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